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It would be fair to say that contouring and highlighting are two of the biggest weapons in a women’s beauty arsenal. In the case of the latter, this is all about drawing attention to the “good” parts of your face. In the case of contouring, which will be the main focus of today; this is about reducing the focus on these areas.

Contouring For Your Face Shape

Bearing the above in mind, there’s no doubt that the two can be very powerful for your appearance. If you can blend the two techniques together you really can be onto a winner, and if you can blend them together in a way that matches your own face shape then the results can be sensational.

We will now take a look at how you can achieve the above based on your own face shape.


What do you need to contour your face?

Before we delve into the various techniques that surround contouring, it’s time to look at the items you need to make all of this happen.

Contours generally come in the form of a bronzer, foundation or concealer. The trick is finding one that is a little darker than the tone of your own skin. If it is also a matte product, the effects can be even better as these tend to absorb even more light and ultimately, create better shadows.


How can you contour based on your own face shape?

They say that everyone is created equal, but in truth those with an oval face shape have a huge advantage. This is the face shape that experts believe looks the most attractive and as such, you should be aiming to contour your own face to be more like this.

So, how do you achieve this? You’ll firstly need to identify what shape face you currently have, before following various steps to contour it to be more like an oval. Let’s now take a look at the steps you need to follow to achieve this based on your own face shape.


The oval face shape

As we’ve already alluded to, this is widely regarded as the “best” face shape so if you fall into this category you already have a head-start. Characteristics associated with this face shape include sculpted cheekbones and a slightly curved hairline and jaw. Additionally, those with an oval shape face will find that there is a good balance between the height of the forehead and your chin.

Now that you have determined that you fall into said category, what is the best way to enhance this supposedly perfect shape? The best methods involve contouring your hairline and upper jaw, before highlighting your cheekbones to make them stand out more. To top things off, look to add some blush under your cheekbones.


The square face shape

For those of you who have a square face shape, you’ll find that you have a very strong and defined bone structure, with an angled jawline and hairline.

This means that you should be looking to contour the angles of your jawline and hairline. At the same time, try and highlight your cheekbones, chin and your forehead (focussing on the middle part). Just like we said with the oval face shape, you should look to blush your cheekbones for added effect.


The heart face shape

This might seem like something of a strange face shape, but it’s surprisingly common. The basis of this face is that your forehead is angled and it looks proportionally bigger than your chin.

Based on this, you should be looking to highlight your jawline and contour the middle of your chin. Again, blush on your cheekbones is key.


The triangle face shape

Little explaining needs to be done for this next face shape. In simple terms, your forehead will tend to be a lot narrower when compared to your jawline. This can sometimes mean that your cheekbones become somewhat lost.

For those of you with a triangle face shape, make sure you contour your jawline and highlight your temples. As you may have gathered by now, blush under your cheekbones is important.


The inverted triangle face shape

This is the complete opposite to the last face shape we looked at. This time, you have an angled forehead, with this being wider proportionally than your chin (which tends to be longer as well).

This time, you should look to highlight your temples and jawline, but contour the middle of your forehead and chin. Make sure you add blush to your cheekbones again.


The diamond face shape

Like some of the recent face shapes we have looked at, very little explaining is required to define the diamond. This is all about a narrow and rounded forehead or chin, with the middle of your face being particularly wide in comparison to the other elements. Your cheekbones will also tend to stand out more.

Based on this, make sure that your temples and jawline are highlighted, while the middle of your forehead and chin are contoured. Again, add the elusive blush to those cheekbones.


The rectangle face shape

Some people call this an oblong, but regardless of the terminology the simple fact is that your face is longer rather than wider.

You should be looking to contour multiple areas of your face including the top part of your hairline, lower part of your chin, jawline sides and the top of your hairline. On top of this, make sure you highlight the centre of your forehead.


The long face shape

This shouldn’t be mistaken with the previous face shape we have just looked at. This time, it’s all about the long chin and high forehead. It can sometimes mean that your cheekbones seem quite low and flat.

The best way to deal with a long face shape is to ensure that your cheekbones and temples are highlighted. If you can also contour the lower part of your chin, templates and the top of your hairline you’ll make a monumental difference. This time, you should apply slightly less blush on your cheeks (focussing on the apples).


The round face shape

Little explanation is required for this final face shape. Your face will effectively form a circle, with the width and length exactly the same. It can mean that your cheeks seem quite full.

Ultimately, you will need to make sure that you highlight your chin and the middle of your forehead. Also ensure that your temples are contoured, as well as the part beneath your cheekbones.

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