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Few would disagree that one of the easiest ways to make an immediate difference to your appearance is with a full set of lips. It’s something that’s well and truly in fashion right now, although in truth it has always been a style that has been donned by celebrities.

Make Your Lips Fuller in a Flash

Some call it seductive, others call it healthy. Regardless of what your views on full and plump lips are, they are here to stay.

Like any lip-related makeup tips, if you get something wrong you really can pay the price for the rest of the day. This is the reason today’s guide has been pieced together and we will now present eight ways in which you can make your lips much fuller with some simple beauty hacks.


Quit the urge to go for dark lip liner

It might sound as though it’s the right thing to do, but dark lip liner will have the exact opposite effect on your lips. It will make your lips seem smaller, flatter and anything-but full.

A great comparison is with dark clothing. If you are trying to look slimmer, you’ll tend to opt for this clothing. The same rules apply to your lips. Instead, opt for light colors to instill that plumpness.


Stay as close as possible to your natural line

Again, it can be tempting to boost your lip size by drawing outside of the line. However, the best effects occur when you stick to your natural lip line – not venturing onto the skin. This has a much more powerful effect than going outside of the line.


Opt for a shadow underneath your lip

This next suggestion is probably one of the hardest to implement, but few would disagree that the effects can be memorable (for the right reasons) if you manage to pull it off.

Taking a water resistant eye pencil (try and keep it to a light brown shade), look to draw a slight line just below the bottom of your lips. This effectively makes the shadow and in turn makes the lips much plumper.


The power of lip gloss

In the art of getting fuller lips, you’d be amazed at the power of lip gloss. This is probably one of the easiest suggestions you can implement and simply involves applying it on top of your lipstick.

The reflection and added light that gloss provides means that attention is immediately drawn to your lips and ultimately, they look a lot fuller.


Make the most of your Cupid’s bow

To make fuller lips, one of the most important elements is your Cupid’s bow. This is the highest point of your lips and as such, plenty of attention is drawn to it.

The best way to take advantage is to grab a white eye pencil and apply it just on the tip of the bow. If you can also manage to properly blend it, you’ll find that it looks like natural light is reflecting from it (even though it’s completely synthetic!).


Adding shine to your bottom lip

You can add a similar effect to your bottom lip, although it probably goes without saying that you need a slightly different tactic to pull this one off. This time, it’s all about using a lighter shade of lipstick; using this as a base color on your bottom lip to emphasize the fullness. Some people will also add gloss to enhance the effect although in this case, only use a small amount and pat it in thoroughly.


Make exfoliation part of your daily routine

One of the main reasons why your lips don’t look full is because they are dehydrated and flaky. In turn, this means that they don’t reflect any light in the slightest.

The best way to get around this is to exfoliate on a daily basis. This removes any dry patches, but also promotes more circulation in your lips which can restore your natural color somewhat.


Completely hide your lip line

Before you start any of the above processes, it’s a good idea to completely hide your lip line (or make it nude, as some of the experts like to call it).

This is much easier than it sounds and starting with some concealer, apply this to the outer parts of your lips and blend it in. Once you’ve finished this, add some powder to make sure that it sets. By carrying this out, you’ll soon see that your lip line has completely vanished.

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