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Whether you are married or single – date night is fun. In terms of the latter, it’s where you will be dolled up to your absolute best in a bid to nail that ultimate first impression. For the married readers out there, it’s where you show your other half just how lucky he is.

Planning Date Night

Following on from the above, it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is – date night is an opportunity to impress.

Particularly with the rigors of family, work and other commitments, dolling yourself up to your absolute best can feel almost impossible at times. It’s for this reason that we have pulled together this checklist to help you on your way. No, we’re not going to tell you what dress to wear, or whether you are showing too little or much cleavage, but what we can do is provide some beauty tips which can at least help you make hair and makeup choices. Here goes…


Start with the hair

Start with the hair

Let’s start our guide with some tips on getting your hair in shape. Suffice to say, date night differs enormously compared to the standard daytime appearance. It means that the likes of buns and pony tails are certainly off the menu – unless your other half has a certain kink for them, that is.

Instead, opt for something that is going to turn heads. Wavy hair is certainly on-trend right now and anything that ventures over your shoulders and down your back is sure to send out the right, sexy signs.

To achieve the above, you’ll need to arm yourself with a large barrel clipless curling wand. From this point, start to wind out sections of approximately one inch away from your face. Once complete, turn to hair spray and you’re good to go!


Swap sticks for stains


The scene is set; the lights are dimmed and there’s a nice bottle of red wine for the two of you to share. Unfortunately, things soon take a turn for the messy once lipstick and wine mix – all sorts of stains start occurring on glasses. And that’s just at the start of the night.

Of course, we’re not going to suggest that you avoid lipstick – this would be one of the biggest fashion faux pas’ known to the female species. Instead, we’re going to advise that you go down a slightly different path with your lips, one that involves lip stains.

By opting for a stain, you’ll still get all of the color that a typical lipstick would provide. The only difference is that this color won’t find itself anywhere else – it will stay on your lips and venture nowhere else.


Draw attention to your eyes


This next tip should be a given; we all know the power that the eyes can bring. Left “untreated”, and they can blend into the rest of your face. Fine-tuned to perfection, and they can transform a date in an instant.

At the moment, it would be fair to say that the “smoky” appearance is most definitely in-fashion. Rather than turning to traditional brown and blacks, look at choosing different shades of gold and copper which can create a much more dramatic effect.

Only when it comes to lining your eyes should you utilize those traditional darker colors.


Go for bold with your lashes as well

Go for bold with your lashes

On the subject of your eyes, we should make a point about your lashes as well. Again, this might be one of the smallest features of your face, but it’s yet another that can make all the difference if you’re trying to woo him.

In general, you should turn towards lashes that are long and dark for date night. As you’ll probably find with pretty much every technique we outline through this guide, you need to make sure that you make them look as natural as possible so you don’t end up with a cartoon-like appearance. One small tip is to take a handful of individual false lashes and just fix them to the outer corners of your eyes.

If you do go down the false eyelash route, remember that you should curl your natural ones before applying the fake ones. Additionally, make sure you add a touch of mascara so everything blends together.


Make yourself glow


We probably don’t need to tell you this, but making your skin have that glowing appearance is one of the sure-fast ways to capture attention. Particularly in winter, when dullness starts to take over your face, providing yourself with that golden appearance can be a game-changer.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you go as far as a tan. Instead, glowing skin can be achieved via anything ranging from a bronzing powder to a peach blush. It really is that simple.

Another trick of the trade surrounds where you apply these products. If you apply it in too many areas, you run the risk of the “faux tan” appearance. It means that you should only apply it to the principle areas of your face, such as the cheeks and your forehead line. This should be sufficient to add that glow – but not to go overkill and scare anyone off!


Compliment the glow with highlights


Finally, let’s try and compliment that glow you’ve just achieved with a highlighter.

Again, subtlety is the key here and if you can take advantage of a liquid highlighter, you’ll again reach the “healthy” effect rather than the “faux” one.

Similarly, placement is everything. If you can concentrate just above the cheekbones and around the corner of your eyes you’ll achieve maximum effect.

At this point we should probably add that you don’t just need to focus on your face. Depending on your dress of choice, you may even highlight your collar bones or your shins just to give the effect to your whole body.

Let’s conclude by reiterating that less is more. Just like with pretty much every other technique we have looked at, the aim isn’t to look like you’re sparkling from head to toe, but rather for a soft, natural appearance that just impresses him no-end.

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