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They might be one of the smallest features on our face, but make no mistake about it our eyes are hugely important. If you think of your best “flirt face”, there’s every chance that your eyes are a focal point of it. In general, they can just add something different to your character, and this is why they can’t be ignored under any circumstances.

beautiful eye makeup

With so many products available, they have become something of a minefield though. Additionally, with trends tending to constantly change, it just makes the task even more difficult.

This is where we come in. Through this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips to add some “oomph” to your eyes as well as focusing on some must-have products to help you achieve the look. Here we go…


Your Eyes Need a Workout Too

We’ll put it out there that this first tip could be one of the most interesting you ever read, for the simple reason that most people don’t associate workouts with their eyes.

While we’re all used to toning all other parts of our body at the gym, when it comes to your eyes the suggestion would almost be laughed at.

However, facial exercises are starting to become more popular. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t try any of these techniques whilst wearing makeup, but the idea is to lift your brows so that more distance emerges between your brows and lashes. The result is that you can allow more light into your eyes, which can highlight their beauty.

For those looking to try out the technique, here’s how. Place your three middle fingers, from both hands, under your brows. Start to push them upwards and outwards as far as they go, before responding by pushing your forehead muscle down back towards your fingertips. You should be able to feel the strain between the two areas and attempt to hold the pose for ten seconds. It’s advisable to close your eyes after seven seconds to enhance the movement.


It All Starts With Moisture

makeup starts with moisture

It’s one of the few hard-and-fast rules that we have when it comes to our skin; it must be moisturized.

A standard moisturizing cream will suffice here and you should aim to apply it every morning, before any other makeup touches your face. Make sure you specifically target the eyelids to succeed with this one, as they can become particularly dry.

For those who want an even bigger hack, look towards olive oil. Placing this under your eyes and in the corners can stop dryness completely in its tracks. At this point we’ll add that you needn’t be worried about greasiness here, this moisture will actually prevent your skin becoming greasy as it no longer has to produce additional cells to overcome the dryness.


Hide Your Tiredness

makeup to Hide Your Tiredness

It’s some that pretty much every single one of us will have to contend with and tiredness just doesn’t affect us mentally. In relation to our eyes, those dreaded black rings can appear and suffice to say, it does nothing for your appearance.

Fortunately, the answer is simple. Turning to a water-resistant concealer can hide the effects, particularly if you can find one in a mild pink tone. Try and apply it to the corners of your eye, as well as under your eye, and always apply it after you have used your normal foundation.


Make Your Eyes as Wide as Can be

Make Your Eyes as Wide as Can be

Something else that can add the wow-factor to your eyes is just widening them. No, we’re not going to suggest any exercises this time, just a simple makeup trick of the trade that can have the same effect.

Start your mascara at the bottom of your eyelash, before wiggling it upwards. If you can apply this twice, it will make your eyelashes thicker than ever before.


Brighten things up

We talked about tired eyes earlier and if you still feel as though yours are feeling the effects of the week, it’s time to take more action.

Eye brighteners are nothing new, but if you can find one with caffeine you can amaze yourself at the effects. These have been found to brighten any dark circles that cross their path and just rid you of the obvious exhaustion signals.

Applying it is simpler, do it under your concealer and try and target the cheekbones and the bone where the brows sit.

While caffeine is the most important ingredient here, if you get the chance to shop around also try to turn to an eye cream that contains mica and albumin which can both brighten up eyes even more and combat the “puffiness” that some of us sometimes suffer with.


Color is everything

Just like all forms of makeup, color is everything with the yes as well. This time, there are no concrete rules that everyone should follow – you should choose the color of your eyeshadow based entirely on the color of your own eyes.

For example, it’s generally recommended that anyone with green eyes should turn towards strong purples, golden browns or light pinks – and the same can be said for anyone with hazel eyes as well. Anyone with brown eyes it at a huge advantage, as most shades tend to work with this eye color.

It’s not only your eyes that you need to take into account though. Those of you with dark skin should turn towards bold eyeshadow shades, while fairer skin is more suited to lighter ones.

If all of the above appears like information-overload, one rule is to just realize that your eyes need to highlight your natural beauty – but not be the first noticeable thing about your face.


Add some smoke

Any eye-related makeup article would not be complete without a comment on the smoky eye-look. By taking advantage of bronze shadows you can add that smokiness which is so on-trend right now. The technique is simple as well; apply a dark color on the top lash and a lighter one on the bottom. Then, preferably with a makeup brush, smudge them together to create the smoke.

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