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Attempting to satisfy everyone’s style is one of the toughest things related to a bridal party. What suits one girl most certainly might not be appropriate for the next, while naturally everyone has their own opinions.

perfect bridal makeup

The general rule of thumb for a bridal party is that it should be as natural as possible, whilst also retaining a degree of sophistication. Of course, there are countless other rules that should be adhered to as well and it’s for this reason that we’ve put together this guide.

We’ll now take a look at some of the basic rules that tend to govern all bridal parties, before progressing to talk about some of the specific makeup choices your group could make ahead of the big day.


The Basic Rules That Govern Bridal Parties

basic rules that govern bridal parties

The term ‘rules’ might seem to be a little formal, but in a bid to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet this is sometimes required at a bridal party. Again, with so many females and so many different makeup choices, some form of system needs to be in place. If you can stick to the following suggestions, you can at least tick some of the major “do’s” that govern most bridal parties.


Consistency is the key

If you are only going to stick to one of the rules that we talk about, we’d advise it to be this one.

It’s rare that you will see a bridal party where every member has their own unique look, and it’s for good reason. This is an occasion which should be uniform and ultimately, consistency is the key. Little else needs to be said about this; there’s a standard for the dress, so the same should apply to makeup. Create a palette and make sure that everyone signs up to it.


Understand individual reluctance

This next point almost contradicts the consistency issue, but it’s definitely worth taking into account.

In short, a bridal party is probably going to be made up of different types of people. It means that some may not have dabbled with a certain makeup style and there might be a degree of apprehension.

It means that you have to be sensitive, and sometimes flexible, when a member might not be comfortable in trying a certain product. If they have been used to using something for years, asking to change can be quite daunting and this is where you should step back and at least understand their situation.


Carry an emergency touch-up bag

The final rule is to carry an emergency touch-up bag. By this, we’re referring to bag which contains all of the usual products such as lipstick, blotting papers and even mints. Over the course of the evening there will be blips, and a bag such as this can quickly resolve the matter and return everyone to their glory.


What Sort of Makeup Should You be Turning to?

What sort of makeup should you be turning to

Now we’ve got the rules out of the way, let’s dive into the type of makeup styles that are advisable for a bridal party. While every party is going to be different, the following are suggestions that are renowned in the industry and have been proven to give the whole party that elusive wow-factor.


Sophistication is paramount

This was already mentioned at the start of the guide, but when it comes to a bridal party sophistication is absolutely paramount. We don’t need to dive into all of the reasons for this; all we’ll say is the last thing you want is overkill where every member looks like a Kardashian. While it might suit some occasions, the bridal party most certainly isn’t one of them.


Create the warm skin look

Something that can add to the image of sophistication is making your skin as warm as possible.

In the simplest instance, this can just involve a little bronzer to achieve the effect.

For those of you who are looking to get the absolute maximum out of your makeup, you can add to this through the use of a soft pink brush. Apply this all over the face and you’ll soon have given yourself a flushed appearance. Again, we’ll mention the term “overkill” here and state how important it is not to go too far with this practice. Subtlety is the key – and it is for each tip that we outline through this guide.

Make sure plenty of attention is heaped on the eyes

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the eyes are hugely important. For such a small feature, the power they have borders on the unbelievable.

For a bridal party, one of the best suggestions is to add plenty of depth. While a lot of this will depend on your overall makeup palette you have chosen, we’ll point out that darker colors like chocolate or plum can be used to the greatest effect. If you can use the chocolate as a dark liner, and the plum as an eyeshadow, you can blend the two together to create great depth that will draw everyone’s attention to your eyes for all the right reasons.

It doesn’t stop there, though. As any seasoned makeup artist will testify, widening your eyes is hot right now. There’s no complex procedure involved in this either; simply apply some false lashes on the outside corners and your eyes will suddenly appear a touch wider.

Used together, these two suggestions can transform a pair of normal eyes into a scintillating set.


Stick with one color for the lips, but allow for multiple textures

Lastly, let’s focus on another small facial feature, but again one that can make all the difference. With plenty of trigger-happy photographers at these events, luscious lips are exactly on the menu and the makeup needs to be applied accordingly.

In terms of the color, you’ll have to rely on your selected palette for this. Instead, our only advice comes in the form of the texture. When choosing your shade, make sure that it is available in a stain, matte or gloss just to provide everyone that flexibility that we touched upon. Fortunately, most popular colors are available in all of these forms, but make sure you keep it in mind anyway.

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